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  • 2017.07.Launched Andre Kim towel brand at NS home shopping

  • 2017.05.Youjin Towel’s 5th retail store opened in Ulsan

  • 2017.01.Youjin Towel’s 4th retail store opened in Jeonju

  • 2016.12.Organic towel broadcasted on Immall shopping

  • 2016.07.Youjin Towel (Ltd.,)’s 2nd retail store in Sokcho and 3rd retail store in Gyeongju opened

  • 2016.03.Youjin Towel (Ltd.,)’s first retail store opened at Pohang

  • 2015.12.Launched organic towel at Lotte home shopping

  • 2015.10.2015. 10. 1. Changed into Youjin Towel (Ltd.,)

  • 2015.08.Entered 11 stores of Immall and Happy Department Store Launched organic towel at Immall

  • 2015.05.Organic towel aired on TV CJ home shopping, first in the industry

  • 2013.07.Signed a license agreement with Andre Kim

  • 2013.05.Registered International organic textile certificates GOTS, OCS

  • 2013.03.Inno-Biz Certification registration

  • 2012.03.ISO Certification registration

  • 2011.09.Signed a license agreement with METROCITY with Universal Licensing

  • 2011.06.Introduced 8 units of weaving machines to the 2nd Factory (Hyundo)

  • 2011.06.Introduced 8 units of bonus jacquard to the 2nd Factory (Hyundo)

  • 2011.03.Introduced a warper at the 2nd Factory (Hyundo)

  • 2011.01.Introduced 6 units of weaving machines to the 2nd Factory(Hyundo)

  • 2011.01.Established 2nd Youjin Towel Factory at Hyundo-myeon, Chungwon-gun


  • 2009.12.Introduced 2 units of embroidery machines (Sun Star) at the embroidery division of Shintanjin Factory

  • 2008.06.Introduced 2 units of yangdo, 3 units of hem machines to the production division of Shintanjin Factory

  • 2008.01.Signed a license agreement with LA Gear with IMG Korea

  • 2007.09.Moved the main office from Daedong to Shintanjin Factory

  • 2002.08.Opened Youjin Towel Factory Established in Daedong

  • 2002.08.Branch Retail Youjin Towel Store

  • 2002.08.Youjin Towel Founded