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Project Description

Andre Kim Droplets Transfer

Manufacturer   Youjin Towel
Color    White  Ocher  Yellow Green  Wine  Purple
Size   42 x 84cm
Material   30s/2
info   Transfer dyeing


Product Details

Andre Kim droplets Trasnfer

The water drop pattern is a product that small droplets penetrate the rock and express Nedut patience, patience, success.

The silver embroidery pattern of the border so that the effort becomes fruit and it is gorgeously urgent so that it is urgent, will further enhance the product.

In the hotel style line, the feeling which is 4 cm wider and larger than the general towel is enhancing your dignity.

Andre Kim is an exclusive warrior towel designed for a droplet fighter and able to write an event phrase.

Various Printing


It is currently widely used and similar to silkscreen type. This is called textile printing. Any kind of towel is available for this method and it saves time and money. (usually takes 2~3 days to finish but can also be done the sameday) Navy-blue is most commonly used for printing.


The working period and cost are determined according to order quantity, the number of characters and colors. For simple logos or images, embroidery is easy. The two sides of a towel can be embroidered but usually only one side is embroidered. Phrases are expressed in various colors of thread. This type especially shows refinement of the towel. However, it needs a punching technique for embroidery that takes 2~3 days. For completion, usually 3~5 days.


Inks of specific dyes are first printed in paper and then heated and dyed on the towel, featuring very sophisticated printings.
This method could be used to express various logos or images and is the most suited for explaining the detail or intended purpose of an event. It generally takes 2~3 days to complete and you can also send an e-mail of images you have in mind. This printing method however has some limits in choice.


It is a custom-made type that uses the jacquard method for images or characters. You can use any color to your taste.
The price rises with the complexity of expression. Based on wash towels, around 1,000 pieces of towel are needed.